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If Your Eyelashes Are Not Long And Not Curved, Eyelash Mascara Can Help You!

If Your Eyelashes Are Not Long And Not Curved, Eyelash Mascara Can Help You!

Jun 17,2020.

Short, straight, and drooping are some words commonly used by women to describe eyelashes.

So~ no wonder eyelash extensions are so popular among women. But for those of us who always have to paint a pretend to go out, how important it is to simply apply an eyelash and touch a lipstick to go out! !

If you say that applying lipstick is as simple as applying lipstick, then applying eyelash mascara~ has it become your heart disease? ? ?

It's not easy to use short curling eyelashes to curl the eyelashes with curlers, but also to make them look thick and long. This can only be hoped for some very nice eyelash mascara~

Another common problem with some women’s eyelashes is that it is not easy to look sparse and want to look full. You must use the correct application technique-Z-shaped application ~ also remember to remove excess products from the brush or use eyelash comb to separate Eyelashes to avoid clumping and become flies legs~

Clamp the eyelashes as close to the root as possible, do not pinch or pull the eyelashes, and gradually move the eyelash curler towards the end of the eyelashes to obtain a natural rounded curling effect. So styling is especially important~ In addition, the eyelash mascara must contain unique polymers that can lock the curl of the eyelashes without sagging the eyelashes-which is very important for Asian eyelashes.

What to do if it is so troublesome? ? ?

Look here~ These eyelash mascaras are very suitable for women~

Let you do more with less! ! !

Cléde Peau Beauté (CPB for short) perfect eyelash mascara

Joinshine lash lift perming
Cream formula, type brush head~

Let each eyelash be able to apply eyelash mascara evenly~, the most important thing is that the texture is relatively light, which can keep the eyelashes curled, full, and elongated all day~

Clinique FIT Workout 24H eyelash Mascara
Joinshine eyelash lift perming

Eyelash mascara that will definitely make you fall in love at first sight~

4-sided obelisk-shaped brush head fits the eyelid better, and can be taken care of at the corners of the eyes and at the end of the eyelashes~ Moisture and sweat-proof~ No blooming~ No slag in 24 hours~

It is not absolutely waterproof~ you can remove your makeup in warm water~~

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash eyelash Mascara
Joinshine lash lift

This eyelash mascara can make your lashes look very thick~ and thicker than you think~

The revolutionary 4DAmplifier brush can help eyelashes resist gravity. It is said that a layer of coating can withstand up to 4 times the volume of gravity. So basically a few small brushes can achieve a very ideal or amazing effect~ It is an exponential increase of the eyes~~~

LANEIGE String Long Lash eyelash Mascara
Joinshine eyelash lift perm

A eyelash mascara that is perfect for everyday wear~

The growth effect is very good, and it has the magical ability to naturally upgrade eyelashes. The seamless combination of eyelash line polymer and natural acacia gum can keep the eyelashes smooth, lock and curl, and have a clear root ~ the small brush head is easier to take care of Eyelashes at all corners~~~

Make Up Forever smoky stretch eyelash mascara
Joinshine eyelash lift

The bristles are very tight, it is easy to grab the eyelashes from the root tightly, making each one thicker, longer, curly, and clear rooted ~ absolutely able to maintain a good condition all day long ~~ ~

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume eyelash Mascara

joinshine mascara
Brush it with a feeling of sticking false eyelashes ~ thicker and longer. The hourglass shape design of the brush head, it seems that most of the eyelash mascara acts on the center of the eyes, which makes the glasses wider and has the effect of drawing eyeliners~

It's thick but not agglomerate is its feature~~~

NARS Climax eyelash Mascara
joinshine eyelash mascara
Brush on both sides, stand on each side of the size~ Make sure that each layer can apply the right amount of product~ Don't worry about the caking effect caused by repeated application, you can evenly brush the eyelashes once or twice~

The nourishing effect is very good, so that the eyelashes are shiny and naturally soft~

Pixi LashLift188 eyelash Mascara
joinshine lash lift mascara

This is a 2-in-1 eyelash mascara. There are two simple steps. First apply the black paste on the eyelashes with a large brush to increase the thickness and length of the eyelashes. Then use a small brush to apply the white eyelash mascara. Apply it to the short lashes at the corners of the eyes and at the end of the eyes without worrying about dirtying the eyelids~ Of course you don’t have to worry about what is wrong with this white eyelash mascara. It is black on the eyelashes~~~

So, if you are a kind of person whose makeup hands shake, this is a good choice~

Shiseido Imperial Lash waterproof eyelash mascara
joinshine eyelash lift mascara

Waterproof is the key point, cream is texture, the bristles are made of silicone, so it is flexible enough~

No clumping, no blooming~ So it's not bad! ! !

Shu Uemura Stretch Xtreme delicate perfect waterproof eyelash mascara

joinshine eyelash perm Mascara
The curvature of the brush is very natural and fits the contours of the eyes. It is easy to operate and use. The elongation effect is very good, just like its name-delicate and perfect~

Tarte Lights Camera Splashes 4 in 1 Waterproof eyelash Mascara

Lengthening, curling angle, abundance quantity, and sticking time are very outstanding ~ softens and moisturizes the eyelashes, there is no dry feeling, it will make the eyelashes very shiny~

If you have used other waterproof mascara, you will feel it. Very waterproof mascara will be very dry and dull~ And this one saves you who have "shallow eyes and low tears"~

Chantecaille Faux Cils Extra Long eyelash Mascara
joinshine lash lift mascara

This is the most expensive of the eyelash mascaras introduced today~ it will cost nearly $123~

Other models are between $30-$50~

The thickening and lash extension effect of this eyelash mascara is very outstanding, it is simply a luxurious model~

Using powerful peptide technology to care for the eyelashes, as time goes by, it can enhance the natural growth enthusiasm of the eyelashes. Slowly, your eyelashes will become longer~more~fuller~~~

Is it good value for money~~


Not for you? The price-performance ratio is relatively high in the first 12 models, which one do you plan to buy? ? ?

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