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Perfect eyelashes have never been easier!

Imagine that your eyelashes are completely curled when you wake up every day, without having to maintain them often. This lifting kit uses silicon pads instead of traditional rollers to perm the eyelashes. They are easier to use and do not cause confusion.

lash lift kit

Our professional eyelash lifting kit is everything you need to always have beautiful curly eyelashes without the need for curlers, eyelash extensions or mascara.

Professional eyelash curling kit. Great for those who like natural eyelashes for extra curl and a fuller look.
Lasting results. Made with high-quality ingredients, your lashes can remain curled for weeks and are significantly plump.
#1 EYELASH lifting kit. This kit has more value than any other kit on the market. Each application lasts for several weeks and each kit can be used 15-20 times!

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